Custom Radiator Shroud Graphics Kits For Most Models

Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Suzuki Yamaha

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  • Original Style Tank/Shroud Graphics
  • Printed on thick vinyl (as used by most factory race teams)
  • Graphics cover the majority of the tank/radiator shrouds (as per the picture)
  • Please note: as these are aftermarket graphics they will not be exactly the same as genuine graphics. However they are a great alternative to expensive, hard to get originals when you prefer a stock looking bike

Important Notes:

  • These graphics are custom printed/made to order, so please make sure you double check the exact model of your bike prior to ordering.
  • Sorry but there are no returns on these custom made graphics
  • Approx delivery time is approx 2 weeks

Fitting Instructions:

  • As with any DeCal application, it is vital that the plastic or parts are free of any dirt, wax, grease or grime.
  • Before removing the backing paper of each decal it is important to line up the hole and noticeable curves to ensure you align the decal properly before you start the application.  Apply each decal individually. You can remove the decal many times in the adhesion process but you must ensure you don’t stretch the decal (by pulling to roughly) when removing it for correct re-alignment. It’s helpful to apply the centre strip of the decal and slowly ease out the decal to the extremities of the plastics.  If you gently ease the decal out from the centre with your fingers it can give the decal the heat it needs to stretch the necessary amount to perfectly conform.  Only do this when you are sure you have the decal correctly aligned with the plastics.  You can peel back the decal to remove any air bubbles that might appear during the installation.
  • When you are completely happy with the decal installation you can apply gentle heat (not too much) over the decal with a hair dryer (heat gun not recommended as provides too much heat) to help the decals take the shape of the plastics. You can also use heat when applying thicker materials but be careful as you don’t want to warp/distort the shape of the decals so they can’t fit your plastics.
  • You have now installed your graphics like the professionals. The best tool you can have for installing graphics is confidence. With a little patience, there is not an application issue that cannot be overcome. 



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