The Future Is Here? The Alta Redshift MX Electric Motocross Bike

The Alta Redshift MX Electric Bike


We all knew this was coming. An electric motocross bikes could produce huge advantages in noise and maintenance reduction, potentially opening up the sport in ways never thought possible. But just like in cars, the question is, when would electric technology advance to a point where it could be a suitable competitor for gasoline in terms of power, range, weight, reliability and cost?

Designed for MX2/Lites class racing, the Redshift MX has the advantage of not having to shift through gears. With constant torque the Alta Redshift MX has 2 hour run time & 1000 hour maintenance intervals. The total track time for most motocross race days is under an hour. Practice days are often under 2 hours ride time so for the race track the bike would be perfect. With use of a solar chargers, the lithium battery could be topped up between motos much like deep cycle batteries in campervans giving the rider even more time. 

As well as the Motocross model, there is also a Motard model called the Redshift SM.


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